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XIM APEX  1 pcs

XIM APEX 1 pcs

Follow up the XIM4

Article code: XIMAPEX

Manufacturer: XIM

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Product description

XIM APEX provides the highest precision mouse and keyboard (and more) experience on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Unsurpassed quality, ease-of-use, and flexibility, XIM APEX is the perfect companion to the even most demanding gamer.

XIM APEX empowers gamers with the state-of-the-art without bombarding them with unneeded complexity. Through XIM's unique Smart Translator technology, XIM APEX is able to provide unparalleled 1-to-1 gaming precision that consistently performs in every game you play. It's quick and easy to set up your preferred gaming environment through it's wireless smartphone and PC configuration tool. XIM APEX enables gamers to choose their preferred input devices that suit them best whether gaming at a desk or from a couch in the living room.

Join XIM gamers all over the world who game with their friends on consoles using the input method that suits them best.

Small comparison:

XIM APEX        
Response (latency) modes
1, 2, 4, or 8ms
Supported Consoles        
X1, PS4, X360, PS3
X1, PS4, X360, PS3
Manager Platforms
Android, iOS, PC (wired-only)
Android, iOS, PC
Manager Bluetooth protocol
Bluetooth LE
Bluetooth Classic
Cross console controller support
Wireless, Wired        
Wired USB audio
X1, PS4 (DS4 slim), X360
X1, X360
Joystick support                
Full support, custom axis bindable
Limited support, fixed axis bindings
Config storage
Manager Config editing        
Novice and Expert modes
Expert only
Ballistic Curve Resolution
51 by 10000 steps
21 by 200 steps
Manager localization
EN, DE, ES, FR, JA, KO, ZH        
English only
Form Factor
Dongle + external hub

139,95 euro
184,95 euro

Product specifications

- Next-generation console input adapter
- Game on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 using your favorite PC gaming-grade hardware
- Unsurpassed in-game 1-to-1 feel thanks to advanced XIM Smart Translator technology
- Simple wireless configuration using your smartphone or PC (wired only)
- Supports both desktop and living room gaming styles
- Firmware upgradable
- Active community forum
- App supports IOS 8 or higher
- App supports Andriod 4.4 of higher
- App support windows 7 or higher
- For use with Xbox One you need an extra micro-USB cable!
- For use with Xbox 360 you need an origonal wired X360 controller!

Contents packing

- 1x Manager app (you need to download it)

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